Conference Details

Name: Decolonizing Economics Summit: The 4th Annual Post-Capitalism Conference

Dates: Thursday April 20 – Saturday April 22

Location: Virtual (with an in-person Earth Day Celebration on April 22nd in McKinleyville, CA)

For the last three years, the Post-Capitalism Conference has brought together organizers, academics, leaders, students, workers, artists, and creators, to imagine a world beyond ecological, economic, social and political crisis. Each year we have committed ourselves to foster a space that challenges us, strengthens our work, and celebrates those who are committed to transformative change. 

With the explicit focus on decolonizing economics, we ask ourselves and each other: What does this path look like? Is it as Audre Lorde professed in 1979: “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”? What are the ways in which “decolonizing” movements mobilize and rely upon these “master’s tools”? What are the consequences of relying upon these tools (financial/monetary instruments, laws, policies, institutions, technologies, materials, logics, etc.) for “decolonization,” and how do these ultimately reproduce colonial systems and conditions? With these questions in mind, we invite you to participate in a gathering where we lovingly and joyfully imagine the world where we want to live.

Anchored by the Wiyot Tribe’s Dishgamu Community Land Trust, several Cal Poly Humboldt faculty members and departments of Native American Studies, Politics, Sociology, Environmental Studies, and Art & Film , Cooperation Jackson, Democracy at Work, Green Eco-Socialist Network, Native Roots Network, New Economy Coalition, California Faculty Association – Statewide and Humboldt Chapter, US Solidarity Economy Network, CA CLT Network, Solidarity Research Center, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, CA Public Banking Alliance, Full Spectrum Capital, California Trout, Transition US, Justice Funders, Shareable, Humboldt-Del Norte Central Labor Council, Participatory Budgeting Project, Resist Foundation, One Project, NDN Collective, Wellbeing Economy Alliance, Post Growth Institute, The Democracy Collaborative, Sustainable Economies Law Center, Open Collective Foundation, Next System Studies at George Mason University, KMUD, The People’s Network for Land and Liberation, The Fire These Times Podcast, Upstream, and a growing network of additional partners, this 3-day virtual conference serves as a space to exchange experiences and information, strengthen alliances and networks, and to devise strategies to decenter colonial systems and implement concrete solutions to heal the land and people. Over 1,000 people participated in the 2022 Summit, and we expect even more in 2023!

Our Conference Goals:

  • Educate about decolonizing economics in purpose and practice.
  • Devise strategies to create an explicitly post-capitalist society using the “Solidarity Economy” framework:
    • Solidarity, cooperation, and mutualism
    • Equity in all dimensions–race/ethnicity/nationality/class/gender/sexual orientation/(dis)ability
    • Participatory democracy
    • Sustainability
  • Strengthen existing organizations, especially those doing solidarity economy work.
  • Create a space for organizations to share best practices and collaborate across issues and constituencies toward collective liberation.
  • Co-create concrete “next steps” for how we can implement cooperative economic practices in our community.
  • Feature panels, presentations, performances, and skill-shops which  address the various perspectives and approaches of grassroots organizations, community activists, educators, students, and others committed to social and environmental justice.

Supporting the Decolonizing Economics Summit:

Anchoring organization: We ask for a contribution of $500 or more. You will have a guaranteed space on a panel session if you want it. We will ensure that you are identified in the program and promotional materials. You agree to help promote the conference to your lists and networks.

Supporting sponsor: We ask for a contribution of $100-$500. We will ensure that you are identified in the program and all promotional materials. You agree to help promote the conference to your lists and networks.

Summit attendance is on a sliding scale, which means you can pay what you can. If you are able to do so, we request a contribution of $25-100 so that we can pay a living wage to organizers, and provide a stipend to presenters. (NOTE: We have made a commitment to prioritize stipends to BIPOC presenters).

Contributions will be overseen by the Green Eco-Socialist Network. Please contact David Cobb if you have questions about the contribution process. Last year we raised enough money to cover conference costs and provided honorariums to all presenters. We expect to do so again, and will prioritize BIPOC presenters for honorariums. Please contact us if you or your organization are interested in donating time or other resources to this work.

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