2023 Summit Schedule

Below you will find our developing schedule of events.

Time (PST)/DateThursday, April 20Friday, April 21 Saturday, April 22 
Session 19:00-10:30Opening Session
Presenters: Marnie Atkins, Adam Canter, Robert Pitts, David Cobb (Wiyot Tribe Representatives/Employees); Cal Poly Humboldt Faculty Nicola Walters (Politics), Aaron Gregory (Native American Studies), and Tony Silvaggio (Sociology); Miki’ala Catalfano (Native Roots Network)
Non-Reformist Reforms: Public Banking, Worker Coops, Community Land Trusts, and Participatory Budgeting
Presenters: Naveen Agrawal; Ingrid Haftel; Lydia Lopez; Mo Manklang; Emily Kawano

Moderated by Emily Kawano
Intersections of White Supremacy, Settler Colonialism, Hetero-Patriarchy & Capitalism
Presenters: Harriet Fraad; Yvonne Yen Liu;  Kamau Franklin; Jerome Scott; Andrew Curley  

Moderated by Margaret Kimberley
Session 211:00-12:30Framing Panel: What is Meant by Decolonization?
Presenters: Kamuela Enos and Dr. PennElys Droz

Moderated by Jonathon Freeman
Land Back: Wiyot Tribe Dishgamu Humboldt Community Land Trust
Presenters: Kristen Crooks and Randy Cruthcer

Moderated by David Cobb
What is to be Done?
Presenters: Richard D. Wolff; Edget Betru; Blair Evans; Michelle Eddleman McCormick 

Moderated by Kali Akuno
Session 3 1:00-2:30Media & Decolonization
Presenters: Vincent Schilling of Native Viewpoint;  Jourdan Bennet-Begaye of Indian Country Today; Tom Llewellyn of Shareable; Lauren Schmitt of KMUD Radio 

Moderated by Steve Dubb on Non-Profit Quarterly
Decolonizing Finance
Presenters: Taj James; Full Spectrum Capital Partners
Decolonization and the Law
Jennifer Tucker (UNM); Lauren van Schilfgaarde (UCLA Law); Chase Iron Eyes (Lakota People’s Law Project); Ben Manski (Next System Studies at George Mason University)

Moderated by Mele Moniz
Session 43:00-4:30The Role of Art & Culture in Decolonizing Economics 
Presenters: Carsie Blanton; Michelle Hernandez; Stephanie McMillan; Kwame Braxton 

Moderated by Ruthi Engelke
Labor Organizing in Higher Education Roundtable
Presenters: Sandy Kewanhaptewa-Dixon and Leece Lee-Oliver (CFA); Naomi R. Williams (Rutgers/HELU)

Moderated by Nicola Walters (CFA/HELU)
Earth Day Celebration in McKinleyville, CA
Session 5 5:00-6:30Decolonizing Restoration & TEK/Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Presenters: Ali Meders-Knight, Cal Trout; Save California Salmon 

Moderated by Mel Figueroa
Food and Seed Sovereignty
Panelists:  Alfie Pulumbarit, Alejandro Argumendo, Lucil Ortiz, Jon Jandai, Karley Rojas

Moderated by Aubrey Pongluelert
Earth Day Celebration in McKinleyville, CA
Cultural Offering Session7:00Rejuvenation from Activist Fatigue
Zee Clarke Workshop
Offers & Needs Market: Post Growth InstituteEarth Day Celebration in McKinleyville, CA

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