Summit Schedule

Below is our developing schedule of events for the Decolonizing Economics Summit. Each of these panel sessions will be virtual. Please register for conference here.

Time (PST)/Date Thursday,
April 21 
April 22 
April 23 
9:00-10:30Opening Session with Ted Hernandez and the Wiyot TribeYoga for Eco-Grief: A Practice for Grounding and Embodiment with Laura JohnsonNon-Reformist Reforms: The Intersection of Electoral Politics & Solidarity Economy with Margaret Kimberly, Michael O’Neil, Peter Schwartzman
11:00-12:30What Is to Be Done? With Rick Wolff, Jessica Alvarez-Parfrey, Yvonne Yen Liu, and Kali AkunoWhat Does Post-Capitalism Mean? with Emily Kawano and Jerome ScottCooperative Cannabis for Post-Capitalist Communities with Nicole Riggs, Selena Rowan, Geoff Churchill, Shawn Cherry, and Drew Barber
1:00-2:30Contesting for Power for a People’s Economy with Lisa Hubbard, Ernesto Arce, Ra Criscitiello, and Vivian SatterfieldThe Role of Art & Culture in Building a Post-Capitalist Society with Stephanie McMillan, Michelle Hernandez, Kwame Braxton, and Shamako NobleCarbon Supremacy, False Equivalencies and Corporate Impunity: How dominant Paradigms of Climate Policy Reinforce Colonialist Structures — and What You Can Do About It with Gary Graham Hughes, Thomas Joseph, Dr. Doreen Stabinsky, and Martha Dina Arguello
3:00-4:30Dishgamu Humboldt Community Land Trust with Michelle Vassel, David Cobb, Alice Armstrong, Ashton HammPeople’s Network for Land & Liberation with Kali Akuno, Kamau Franklin, Michelle Eddleman McCormickLabor and Organizing in Higher Education with the California Faculty Association’s César Abarca and Chris Cox, joined by Joe Berry and Helena Worthen 
5:00-6:30Local Public Banking with George Syrop, eli zalee, Debbie NotkinDecolonizing Restoration: Chico TEK and Cal Trout with Ali Meders-Knight, Mel Figueroa, Mary Burke, Gaby Roff, Lazara RamosThe Intersection of White Supremacy, Capitalism & Settler-Colonialism with Mel Figueroa, Kali Akuno, and Suren Moodliar
Cultural Offering
Films: ‘El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade’ & ‘No Place to Grow”
Featuring a discussion with the filmmaker, Michelle Aguilar
Music: Good Shield and 7th Generation RiseArt: Putting Art to Work with Leslie Castellano, Stephen Nachtigall, Kait Angus, and Zuzka Sabata